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April 20th 2011 8:57 a.m. PST

Good Morning, nothing better than a healthy breakfast to start your day; breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day :) . 


April 19th 2011 10:34 p.m. PST

Pheww! Just finished the new site, hope ya'll like it. Anywhere you see a " * " I've given my own personal opinion on a product. Also, let me know if either of these two face washes work for you, my goal was to try them both myself after a few times of hearing about them. Anywho, it's about that time I check out; Skipping my workout for today so that means two for tomorrow; morning and evening. Good night all! Sweet dreams.


April 15th 2011 8:43 a.m. PST

Hey everyone, just to know a little about me, the name's Kira. ;) Web-site is being Published to the web soon. Very excited!

Deal of the day:

Now through Sunday American Eagle Outfitters has Free shipping and 20% off of everything! Check out their website and use this promotion code- USE CODE 92447511

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Beach Trip Checklist




Sun Block/Tanning oil

Ice chest




These are my favorite items to take to the beach. Random trips just to walk the Santa Monica Peer or shop at Venice Beach is always fun too. If you're looking for a trip with the Gang, all of these things will make the trip a relaxing day in the sun :) .

Spring/Summer nail colors  

It's always fun to dress from head to toe, but what about your nails? For some, painting your natural nails is just as glamorous as acrylics, with the benefits of not having to get them redone every two weeks. The biggest question we almost always have in the salon or in front of the nail polish in the store, is what color do I choose? Well, bring out the summer fun colors!! Choose the fun light/bright colored polishes <3


M.A.C cosmetics are widely know for their bold colors and higher quality of make-up; though it's not cheap 

  there are great deals on the Newest lines from M.A.C including my favorite - Quite Cute collection; featured on their web-site. Find the best Mascaraeye linerlipstick, and the hottest colors of Summer 2011.

Before You Tan

Banana Boat deep TANNING OIL. Infused with carrot and banana extracts this oil not only gives you the deep color you're looking for this summer but it can be yours for around $5. For more information on the many different products from banana boat visit them on the web at..

* I enjoy this product for the small sessions of sun bathing I like to do when I have some free relaxing time. It works great for me and I usually only stay out in the sun for about 15 minutes/per side. I usually tan pretty easily but the oil really helps bring the tan fast and I like that it has an SPF UVB 4 protection.

Bring out the shorts w/out breaking your wallet this summer at Rue 21. For men and woman's clothes, shoes, accessories, perfume  and much more, Rue 21 has the Hottest fashion for this season. Plus check out their 21 days of giveaways by visiting their Facebook just click on the Rue 21 picture.

* Most items are around $20, including the new hat collection. I do love their perfume collection for both men and women, all of which are $9.99. The perfumes themselves are part of the Rue 21 collection but they are compared to some of the more expensive brands like Escada and Hollister. I personally Love Love Love the pink ice because it smells JUST like my Escada's Pacific Paradise, check em' out.


My favorite Products for Clear Skin


While there are many different facial cleansers claiming to be the best working and the best for you; only the top two made it to the page this week after I made the effort to see for myself.

#1 Clean & Clear Morning Burst

This face wash not only smells good, but it cleared my mild acne with-in about three days. So if you have those small bumps on your face and want clear skin this summer, Clean & Clear is the wash for you. 

*My Top Choice Product

#2 Neutrogena Deep Clean::Cleanser/Mask

This product is great for anyone with oily skin. With the bonus of it being a cleanser and a mask really hits home! If you're looking for a daily cleanser or a intensive mask this product works great for every other day use.

* I will say that this product did not work as well as far as clearing the skin as fast as the Clean & Clear Morning Burst but it works great for that annoying shine and oil that can build up on a hot day.


Look Busy w/ the iPad and iPad 2 

The iPad, an amazing device for the people of tomorrow. This is definitely for those of you into high tech gadgets, or just like having the newest and hottest toy out there. I haven't owned one of these personally but I do plan on having one at the end of next month. What I look forward to the most is the capability to do my school work on the device, so for any of you University of Phoenix Axia College students, the iPad or the iPad 2 are a well recommended investment.

Click on the image above for more information on the iPad.


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